Meet Our Beef & Pork Partners

Premium Beef and Pork

In our never-ending quest to offer quality beef and pork products you can proudly serve to your family and friends, we are continuously searching for partners that share our commitment to quality, integrity and innovation. Keep reading to learn more about our beef cuts and get to know our trusted ranch and farming partners. 

Premium Beef Cuts

At Lunds & Byerlys we’re proud to offer a variety of beef selections. We partner with only the best ranchers and farmers, so you can rest assured our beef provides consistent quality and taste every time. What makes one cut of beef different from another? Learn more with our Beef Cuts Guide.

Four plates with pork and steak.

  • Double R Ranch® beef is all hand sorted and includes only USDA “Choice” grade or higher. Double R Ranch is committed to only working with ranchers who make certain the cattle are cared for so the beef is always robust, juicy and tender.

  • L&B Reserve Aged Choice Beef has been skillfully aged for a minimum of 28 days over a beam of cedar wood and smoked sea salt to ensure maximum richness. Much like how an oak barrel assists the aging of wine, untreated cedar beams provide the depth of flavor and heightens subtle aromas and provides unmatched tenderness.

  • Grass-Fed Choice Beef comes from cattle that are free to roam and graze. They are never given antibiotics, hormones, or growth promotants. Grass Run Farms beef is wholesome, lean, full of antioxidant vitamins and minerals, and are fed a 100% vegetarian diet. Grass finished beef contains less total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and has fewer calories than conventional beef, and is higher in B-vitamins, thiamin, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and total Omega-3’s.

  • American Wagyu Beef, also known as American-Style Kobe beef, is the result of crossbreeding Japanese Wagyu cattle with continental breeds of cattle. American Wagyu beef is prized because of its intense marbling and high percentage of intramuscular fat, which provide an eating experience that is truly one of a kind.

More About Our Ranchers & Farmers

Double R Ranch® Premium Beef +

Located in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest, Double R Ranch is recognized not only for its high quality cattle, but also for its commitment to animal well-being, environmental stewardship, preservation of its pristine land and native wildlife, and the recycling of resources to create a sustainable beef production model.


Double R Ranch is named in tribute to Robert Rebholtz, founder of its parent company, Agri Beef Co. His mission was quality in every step of the supply chain, from the calves and what they eat to a state-of-the-art processing facility. He established strong relationships with grain farmers, animal nutritionists and ranchers who share Double R’s philosophies. The result is an innovative, integrated company, led today by Robert Rebholtz, Jr.

Grass Run Farms™ +

Our 100% all-natural grass fed and finished beef comes from Grass Run Farms, based in Northeast Iowa. Grass Run Farms’ sustainable family farms provide their cattle a balanced diet of pasture grass and forage, along with low-stress management, creating premium grass fed beef that’s deliciously marbled, tender and juicy. Grass fed beef is scientifically proven to be high in Omega-3 oils, CLA, vitamin E and carotenoids, as well as lower in cholesterol and saturated fat. Grass Run Farms’ products are also antibiotic-and hormone-free. Enjoy grass fed beef at its best.

All-Natural Premium Pork

We are proud to know our pork farmers. They live and work on multi-generational family owned farms in Minnesota and Iowa. They respect the land, livestock and resources for which they are entrusted. 

Lunds & Byerlys All-Natural Premium Pork comes from livestock that is cared for from birth to finish — they are raised and treated humanely and with minimal stress. The pigs are able to exercise their natural behaviors outdoors or in barns that are crate-free and layered with fresh bedding. They are never given growth hormones or antibiotics and are always fed a 100% vegetarian diet with no animal byproducts.

More About Our Pork Farmers

Hennen Farm +

We’re proud to partner with Hennen Farm to provide you with the best pork possible. One of two local, family farms in Minnesota and Iowa where the livestock for our line of all-natural premium pork is raised, the Hennen Farm is not your typical hog farm. Family farms that actually birth the pigs (known as farrowing) and then raise them are becoming a rarity, which is one of many reasons Steve and Missy Hennen love their work. “We’ve always liked the birthing process,” Steve said, “and our children’s love of piglets has now refueled our love of pigs even more.”

“It’s a wonderful thing when personal and professional passions collide. Growing up in a merchant family that dates back more than seven decades with the founding of our company by my grandfather, Russell Lund, Sr., my professional passion has always centered on being a grocery retailer committed to offering customers a sensational shopping experience.

One of my deep-seated personal passions is ranching, more specifically raising horses and livestock. It’s a passion that was developed while in college at the University of Montana. During holiday breaks from school I was afforded the opportunity to help some of my college friends brand and ship cattle. Those memorable experiences eventually led me to purchase a small ranch just west of the Twin Cities where my family raises stock horses and cattle.

When we at Lunds & Byerlys set out to find a beef supplier that, like us, frames their business philosophy around quality, integrity and innovation, you can imagine my eagerness to be involved in the process.

What we discovered was what I consider to be a once-in-a-generation opportunity to partner exclusively with Double R Ranch and its parent company, Agri Beef Co.

This multi-generational, family-owned company is recognized not only for raising high-quality cattle, but also for a genuine commitment to animal well-being and environmental stewardship. It’s a legacy that began with the late Robert Rebholtz, Sr. and continues today under the leadership of his son, Robert Rebholtz, Jr.

I can tell you firsthand that the passion Robert and his entire team have for quality and innovation in the ranching industry parallels the passion our company has for quality and innovation in the grocery industry.

From the ranch to your table, you can be assured you are going to get a high-quality, consistent cut of beef every time you shop at our stores.”

Tres Lund, CEO, Lunds & Byerlys