We believe sustainability is a never-ending journey. We are committed to instilling sustainable practices throughout our daily operations and we continue to evaluate and adjust them as necessary to improve our environmental footprint.

Sustainable Operations

To achieve our goal of always feeding people first, we donate edible food to food shelves in our local communities as well as sustainably manage waste in our overall operations.

Food waste

Phood Solutions +

In 2023 we partnered with Phood Solutions to more precisely track and reduce food waste in our deli hot bars. Through the use of a scale, computer vision and artificial intelligence, Phood Solutions allows our deli team members to quickly and easily scan and weigh food as it’s added to the food bar and then again before any food is discarded. Utilizing Phood’s robust reporting, we can ensure significantly less food is wasted by making necessary adjustments to our daily food offerings and providing our customers with the right food at the right time.

Food donations +

Each year we donate more than three million pounds of food to Second Harvest Heartland through their Food Rescue Program. The Second Harvest Heartland Retail Food Rescue fleet collects produce, meat and dairy items, along with packaged grocery products, to keep food out of the landfills and help our neighbors in need.

Food recycling +

Every year, we donate approximately 2.3 million pounds of food that isn’t consumable for humans to local farmers who use it to feed livestock.

Dough recycling +

Unused or inconsumable dough from our production facility is donated to local farmers who use the dough to feed livestock.

Cooking oil recycling +

Used cooking oil from our production facilities and in-store deli fryers is recycled into biodiesel.

Organics recycling +

Twenty eight Lunds & Byerlys locations have a dry organics recycling program, which includes food scraps, non-recyclable paper (like napkins, paper towels and facial tissue) as well as certified compostable products. One Lunds & Byerlys store has a full organics program, which includes all compostable food waste, food scraps and applicable non-recyclable paper products. Organics recycling removes these products from the waste stream and results in nutrient-rich compost.

Non-food waste

Co-mingled recycling +

All Lunds & Byerlys locations offer co-mingled recycling receptacles for plastic bottles, cans and paper. We recycle approximately a half million pounds annually.

Cardboard recycling +

All Lunds & Byerlys locations are outfitted with cardboard recycling receptacles. We recycle about 5.4 million pounds of cardboard annually.

Plastic recycling +

All Lunds & Byerlys locations are outfitted with plastic recycling receptacles for plastic bags, plastic pallet wrap and plastic packaging.

Energy Conservation

Since 2007, we have reduced our energy consumption intensity by 45% and have implemented core strategies to reduce energy intensity throughout our operations.

Equipment +

We are retro-commissioning existing equipment to optimize performance levels. Energy reduction and upgrade projects are taking place in the parts of our systems that use higher amounts of energy, including refrigeration, HVAC and lighting.

Lighting +

We’ve upgraded the lighting at all of our retail locations to highly efficient LED technology with motion and light level sensors. In most of our new stores, we’ve installed skylights to supplement and/or reduce the use of artificial lighting.

Sustainable Products & Packaging

We are committed to sourcing sustainable products and packaging whenever possible.

Shopping bags +

To help reduce the amount of paper and plastic bags, we implemented the Reuse & Reward program throughout our retail locations. For every reusable bag we use to bag your groceries, we’ll make a 5-cent donation to locally-based Second Harvest Heartland, the Upper Midwest’s largest hunger relief organization. When 1 reusable bag is used, 2.5 disposable bags are saved from the waste stream.

Improving packaging sustainability +

Ongoing work is being done to improve package sustainability within our departments as well as for takeaway food containers for our salad bar and deli hot food.

Sustainable Seafood +

To offer our customers a wide variety of responsibly sourced wild-caught and farm-raised seafood, we partner with organizations that ensure fisheries are utilizing sustainable practices that preserve and improve our oceans’ ecosystems.

Locally grown produce +

We are committed to partnering with local farmers and growers to offer our consumers many seasonal varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our Values

Explore the other ways we’re making a positive impact for our customers, our team and the communities we serve.


Playing an active role in our communities and enriching our neighborhoods through charitable giving.

Inclusion & Diversity

Fostering a culture that welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds and promotes equality and collaboration.


Partnering with sustainability-focused farms and fisheries to deliver locally- and ethically-sourced foods.