Embrace summer sunshine with flowering planters!

Embrace summer sunshine with flowering planters! Summer is here, and Bachman’s at Lunds & Byerlys has everything you need to transform your porch or deck into a blooming oasis. Make your outdoor space effortlessly beautiful with Bachman’s Summer Sun Combo Planters.

These pre-planted combination planters are not only a stunning display of vibrantly colored blooms, but also, they are easy to care for and perfect for bringing beauty to sunny spots in your yard. Packed with a selection of sunshine-loving blooms including petunias, calibrachoa, verbena, lobelia, sunpatiens, and fragrant lantana, these planters are thoughtfully prepared to thrive in Minnesota summers.

With multiple combinations of blooming planters, you’re sure to find a color palette and flower style that compliments your home and garden. Each planter is expertly designed, and blooms are chosen to withstand our warm weather and sunny days ahead.

To ensure long-lasting blooms and trailing greenery all summer long, make sure you follow our blooming success tips:
Water regularly: Keep the soil moist but not soggy.
Deadhead spent flowers: This encourages continuous blooming throughout the season.
Weekly feeding: A light fertilizer application every week provides essential nutrients for optimal flower production.

    Stop by your local Lunds & Byerlys today and let Bachman’s help you create a summer sanctuary filled with stunning, easy-care flowers!